Saturday, July 2, 2022

Pumpkin Growing Time

Goodness.  I'm delinquent in doing new posts and my notes aren't very good.  If I remember right, I self-pollinated the first pumpkin that is at 11' on June 16th.  I have a second pollination as a backup at 14', but the 11' pollination I'm happy with, so I'm going to stay with it.  It is bowling ball shaped.  In about 10-12 days it should be kicking into gear.

I've continued with the daily, put it to the floor fertilizer program.  growth has been pretty good.  In particular, the side vine growth seems to be a little more aggressive on the plant.  I suspect I'll have all of the side vines terminated before the pumpkin this next week.

The leaves on this plant are relatively small and short.  Seems to be a genetic trait.  I think I have room to do even more fertilizer than I've been doing so I started taking it up a notch yesterday.  I'm interested to see how the plant reacts once 3/4 of it is terminated.  Will I start getting much bigger leaves and vines?

Weather this year has not been ideal for me.  Coolest spring and early summer in the last 6 years.  Will be heating up this next week, but the overnight lows have been in the 40s most of the nights.  That is okay and slightly better for me when the plant is in the hoop house, because it is easy to heat it up, but since the plant has been out of the hoop house for about 3 weeks, there isn't much you can do for it at night.