Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Patch is (Mostly) Tilled and Fall Patch Prep is Done

Today I tilled into the pumpkin patch 2.5 yards of compost, 20 pounds of gypsum, 4 pounds of sulfur, 3 pounds of blood meal, 25 pounds of humic acid, 5 bags of leaves and lawn clippings, 150 pounds of alfalfa pellets, 2 pounds of magnesium and 4 pounds of Organic Richlawn 5-2-1.    The full patch didn't get tilled because I had a belt problem on the tiller with about 40% of the patch left to go so in those areas I just put some compost on top of leaves and will leave it to sit.

After tilling the patch I sowed some Winter Rye, Winter Oats and Hardy Vetch.  Temperatures are forecast to be above freezing for the next 7 days so I hope to get that seed going before it gets cold.  With temperatures in the 60s and low 70s for the next week that shouldn't be a problem.

My plan for next year is a little more organic matter and a fair amount more nitrogen in the patch.  I didn't see the growth in my vines that I would have liked to have seen this last season and after seeing some soil reports and talking with top growers I've decided that additional nitrogen in the soil is a good idea. With all of the organic matter that I've put down I'll need the extra nitrogen to make sure all of that material is broken down by spring.