Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some Great Tips from a World Record Pumpkin Grower

Want to read pumpkin growing tips from the only two time world record holder?  Some great fertilizing ideas can be found here.

Had a good time at the RMGVG club meeting today.  A big thanks to the Wiz for 15 lbs of mykos for the patch!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Has Sprung in the Pumpkin Patch

Its time to get busy again in the pumpkin patch.  76 degrees in Denver today and a month from now I'll have pumpkin plants under the lights.  This week I sent a soil sample in to get my soil tested. Unless you know what you have in your soil, you don't know what to add to it.  I hope to have the test results back the first of next week.

This last week I started some pots with ProMix BX, mykos, myco grow, Rootshield, Actinovate and Azos in each pot.  I plants some sorghum sudan grass and a pumpkin seed in each pot.  I learned a few years back that it takes about 3 months for the myco to mature enough to be a benefit to the pumpkin plants.  By getting the myco going a month early in these pots I hope to get more results from them earlier on in the season.  Each of these pots at seed starting time I'll take and put some of soil in my planting pots next month to inoculate the roots of my actual plants I'll use this season.

I'm happy to announce that I've been chosen to be on the Varsity Squad of Team NPK.   Team NPK is part of and  They offer some great products and seminars.  Check out their websites if you haven't already.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Time to Get Giant Pumpkin Seeds & Growing Supplies

Spring is in the air in Colorado right now.  It is supposed to be just over 70 on Sunday.  We'll still see some snow from time to time for the next two months.  But it reminds you that pumpkin season is almost upon us.  Get your competition giant pumpkin seeds now.  Seed starting time is around tax time if you will be starting your seeds indoors.  Also, now is the time to get DVDs to brush up on your growing skills and plan for the upcoming season.  Also, in the next couple of weeks, it would be a good time to send a soil sample to lab to get it tested.  Unless you know what you soil has in it you won't know what to amend your soil with this spring to make sure your soil is balanced and world-class.  70-80% of what will determine how big your pumpkin will grow will be in that soil so make sure it is near perfect.