Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Possible Great Giant Pumpkin Seed Genetics

If I can grow any kind of descent sized giant pumpkin this year (1,000 pounds+) than I will be really excited for next year. This year's crosses were 1566 Rodonis x 1385 Jutras and 1350 Starr x 1566 Rodonis. On paper these crosses look very interesting. Every one of these seeds have produced pumpkins over 1,500 pounds and the parents of each seed have all produced progeny over 1,400 pounds. In the actual 1566 blood lines is the 1068 Wallace that grew the world record 1502 Wallace. In the 1385 Jutras blood lines is the 998 Pukos that grew the world record 1689 Jutras. In the 1350 Starr blood lines is the 227 Leland that grew the 1524 Starr. In all I count 4 seeds within 3 generations that produced world record pumpkins in these pumpkin's direct bloodlines. We hope to see some big results from them in 2010!


STAN said...

Big results in 2010, and THE SKY'S THE LIMIT IN 2025!!!!

Felipe said...

HI, my name is Felipe
i `m in Argentina, i would like
to gorw a giant pumpkin but i can`t
get any seeds around here,
i wonder if is it posible to send some seeds by mail, if there some free seeds, i don`t konw.
Anyway , if i can buy some cheap ones , can you help me telling me how? where ? etc
I also have a friend, living in colorado, in case it helps , i think it will.
Thanks , sorry for my english
i don `t use it very much, it`s getting rusty :(

Jamie said...

Hey Felipe,

I'd be happy to send you some seeds. If you could send me enough money to cover the cost of sending the seeds I'll send you some high quality Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. I'm not looking to make any money. Just enough to cover the cost of sending a padded envelope. My address is:

5337 Parfet St.
Arvada, CO 80002
United States

I know there is a grower by the name of Luis in Argentina that is growing giant pumpkins.

Felipe said...

ok, Jamie
that`s a grreat favor you`ll do to me.
Do you already know how much would it cost ?

THANKS, Felipe

Jamie said...

I have no idea what shipping might be. Lets say $5 (US Dollars) and I believe that would probably cover the cost.

felipe said...

excellent, i `ll be sending a letter tomorrow,
is it required your name ?? to de written in the idea,
i think not

anyway, i`ll send the money tomorrow.

Planting the seeds first days of november, soil temperature is high enough, and i still have more than 150 days free of below 0º temperature,
my contact email is

I'm very grateful to you.

Jamie said...

Yes, please include my name with the address:

Jamie Johnson
5337 Parfet Street
Arvada, CO 80002

Felipe said...


Felipe said...

hi, Jamie
my adrees is written in the envelope i sent to you,
but i write it here too,

Felipe Calviño
Calle 19 Nº 264.
Navarro - Pcia. de Buenos Aires
Argentina. CP 6605

Thanks again.

Jamie said...

Got your letter today. Thanks.

Felipe said...

excellent news!!

i was kind of worried it didn`t get there!!

Thanks again for your desinterested help.


Jamie said...

Seeds are going out in tomorrow's mail. Enoy growing them!

Felipe said...

Thanks, i didn`t see your post before!

10 days already,
it didn`t get here yet!

i`ll keep waitng! ;)


felipe said...

i`m WRONG; sorry, jejjj

i got confused with the dates!!

it will be here soon!


Felipe said...

Hi , Jamie

got your letter yesterday!! :)


Let`s grow them!!!

I `ll keep you informed!,

Bye, Felipe

Jamie said...

I would love to see pictures as they grow. Grow em BIG!

Felipe said...

jjaj, don`t worry about that,
you will!!

but i can post pictures here ?
do i need to post a new post to do that ?
be registered ??
i don`t know how this works!


Felipe said...

Hi, Jamie, after a lot of trouble
and some bad timing , because of a lot of work,
i have some pumpkins growing, it is to late here to grow a big one, i think, but still waiting,
the actual target is to crop some seeds to do it better next year.
Do you know how developed must the pumpink be, to produce viable seeds ?