Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pollinations Done! Or Should that be Pollinations Done?

Did what I hope to be my last pollination on the 1566 Rodonis plant today with 1385 Jutras from Scherber (thanks for the pollen Joe!). 1350 Starr was done yesterday with my 1566. The 1566 was a four lober at about 16'. The 1350 was a 5 lober at about 14'. Right now the only pumpkin I have growing is on the 1350 at 11'. It is somewhere between a cantalope and a bowling ball in size. There is another female a couple of feet past the last pollinations that I can use as backups but I wanted to be done 10 days ago and can't afford to pollinate any later. I saw Scherber's pumpkin today and trying to catch up to that thing is going to be tough.

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