Thursday, August 21, 2008

20 Pound Pumpkin Growth Today

Another two inches on the pumpkin today so we are down to 28 inches to reach my goal. This warmer weather is pushing it along nicely. I'm still keeping the blanket on the pumpkin at night. The nights are cooler now in Denver even though the days are still in the low 90s. I gave the pumpkin 1/8 cup of Happy Frog 4-4-5 tonight. Jared's Nursery, where the weigh-off will be next month, had it on sale for 20% off so I picked up a bag. The slightly lower nitrogen and phosphurs, along with slightly higher potash is what I want right now to push the pumpkin through to the end of the season. The forecast to the end of the month is for temperatures above 80 degrees every day and cool but not cold nights. Looks like we should be able to put on at least another 64 pounds before September.

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