Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2nd Biggest Growth Day this Year

The pumpkin surprised me today. Nearly 30 pounds of growth in the last 24 hours. Today's temperatures were nice but there wasn't any particular reason I would have expect exceptional growth today. This new growth has created a new concern: main vine stress. The pumpkin has grown vertically so much lately that the main on the stump side seems to be getting pulled a fair amount. On the other side the shoulder is pressed up against the main vine of the pumpkin fairly tightly. I'm going to have to figure the best way to alleviate these pressures or risk something getting broken off. I am now down to 19 inches remaining to reach my goal. The weigh-off is exactly one month from today.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, its always advisable to do regular OTT measurements as the Circ measurements can often times be very misleading. I have a 132 circ measure right now on a pumpkin that's not even 400 pounds!
Grow em big!

Jamie said...

Hey Greg! Yep, did an OTT yesterday. I typically don't do regular OTTs because they are hard to do by myself but I'm going to start doing them more regularly now. The OTT measurements came out to 79, 80 and 132 for a total of 291. The charts say 528# pounds for OTT and 563# for circumference. I'm expecting it to be on the lighter side since the blossom end isn't quite as round.