Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Offical! An Orange Giant

I've been away for a week on a family trip and just returned to the pumpkin tonight. Many heavy hitter growers would give the evil eye to any any grower who would leave there baby for a week vacation but as I see it growing pumpkins has to be part of the family and at times family has to come first. A big thanks to Bob for taking care of the pumpkin while I was gone and he did a great job. The plant and pumpkin are healthy and in great shape. The pumpkin is now 101 inches, a nice shade of orange and about 260+ pounds. That means I have already almost doubled the weight of last years pumpkin and we still have 7 weeks left to go in the growing season. We are still just a little off pace to hit the 1000 pound mark so I'm going to start pushing it just slightly to see if the pumpkin will react with some additional potash. The potash will increase the pumpkin growth but it can be a risky supplement during this heavy growing part of the season. To much and the pumpkin will blow up so my plan is a slow and steady increase over the next couple of weeks to see how the pumpkin reacts. Right now we are getting about 20 pounds of growth per day but I would like to see something closer to 30 pounds so by pushing the potash some hopefully we will see an improvement.

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