Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pumpkin Season is Upon Us! Yea!!!

There is a little known disease that runs rampant around the world in January and February called Orange Fever. Symptoms include: irritability, angry outbursts on pumpkin discussion boards, and cabin fever. If you are not familiar with Orange Fever than you don't grow or live with a giant pumpkin grower.

Winter time is a hard time on pumpkin growers. There are the seed trades, soil seminars and genetic research but that isn't enough to keep the fever away. If anything all of that probably just adds to the fever. Slowly, like ice breaking on a frozen river, the fever breaks and is replaced with pumpkin obsession in Spring time.

Yes, pumpkin season is upon us. Finally! This blog, for those not familiar, is dedicated to the wonder of the giant pumpkin. In it you can find my entire growing season from last year and tips on how to grow big pumpkins. I'm not an expert, yet. But the 755 pounder I grew last year was a great rookie start and if I can get my new soil up to par I hope to get over 1,000 pounds this year.

If you would like to grow a giant pumpkin I can give you some great seeds. Planting time for most growers will be in the next three weeks. With transplanting outdoors, into hoop houses, the first couples of weeks in May.

To answer the most common questions about growing giant pumpkins:

  1. What do you feed it? Mostly a good composted soil and organic fertilizers. I water 4 times per week for a total of about 1.5 inches or more depending on weather. You want the soil to be lightly moist but not wet between watering.

  2. How do you move it? This is one was a big concern for me but it really wasn't a big deal. You simply throw a little pumpkin party at the end of the season and have 5-8 friends help you lift it with a lifting tarp. It was really fairly easy.

  3. What do you do with it when you are done with it? This is really up to you. Most pumpkin growers compost it.

It takes some time and patients to be a giant pumpkin grower, but if you would like to grow a big pumpkin for Halloween it really doesn't take much effort. To get a pumpkin over 100 pounds is really fairly simple with a good Atlantic Giant pumpkin seed. Give it a try this year. You may love it! There is a great pumpkin grower group in Colorado willing to help you or leave a comment below with any questions you may have.

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