Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pumpkin Plant Status Update

Of the nine seeds I planted only one didn't germinate and that was the 1450 Wallace. Two other plants germinated but don't look like they are going to make it and they are the 1269 Hunt and 1363 Werner. Of all the plants the 1566 Rodonis is doing the best right now. Really rapid growth. It is followed by the 1350 Starr which had a bit of a slow start and is now the second biggest plant and the 793 Van Hook. The 1154 Doucet, 1004 Mohr and 1187 Hunt are also growing and look to do well. I only have two full-size spots and one small spot to grow on. My two children will grow on the smaller spot. My wife will belittle all of us during the process (we call her the pumpkin widow). The plants will be planted outdoors in the hoop houses late tomorrow afternoon. It looks like the 1566 Rodonis, 1350 Starr will go into my patch and the 793 Van Hook will be grown by the kids. If you are interested in the three extra plants please let me know. They all have fantastic genetics and I would hate for them not to be grown. I have had a couple of people already ask me for plants but right now expect to have one extra.

From what I have been able to find only two 793s have been grown so far and only one was a real attempt. The 793 Van Hook is 1041 McKie x 1450 Wallace. The 1041 grew the second biggest pumpkin of all-time and is well known for going really heavy. The 1450 Wallace grew the 5th biggest pumpkin of all time and tends to go heavy as well. The 793's progeny have had a nice orange color which I think the kids will really like.

The 1566 Rodonis had an amazing first year with 11 pumpkins over 1,000 pounds. In my opinion it is one of the top 5 seeds right now. The 1566 grew the largest damage pumpkin last year and is one of the 5 biggest pumpkins ever grown. It sometimes throws a great orange color. From growers I have spoken to that grew the 1566 last year they all said it was a great trouble free plant that tends to have lots of female blossoms and great late season pumpkin growth.

The 1350 Starr grew the 2nd biggest pumpkin last year and the 10th biggest pumpkin of all-time. The 1350 grows a nice smooth pumpkin and tends to have an amazing root system. It generally throws a lighter orange color.

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