Monday, June 15, 2009


All three pumpkin plants survived the hail storms of the last two days. I was out of town in Colorado Springs this weekend and was driving home when I reached the I-70 and I-76 interchange when the hail started. You could see this storm system from miles away. Big, black clouds with greenish tints and large swirls. I immediately said we are going to see a bad storm and it didn't disappoint. I immediately pulled under an over pass to protect my car as quarter sized hail fell for 15 minutes. When it finally let up to a heavy downpour I drove strait to the house. Immediately upon my arrival I jumped out of the car, threw on a Gortex jacket and went out to the patch. To my amazement it was obvious the hail was very light at my house and the plants were spared.

All three plants grew considerably when I was gone. The 1566 plant is now busting out of all sides of the hoop house (I cut holes in the sides to give vines a place to grow) and the main is 7 feet long now (which puts me about 2.5 feet ahead of this time last year). The 1350 is recovering nicely and a new main is about a 8 inches past where the old one main once existed. I had lots of vine maintenance to do this morning. More to do tomorrow when I remove the hoop houses permanently. Another storm is forecasted for this afternoon so I want the hoop houses up for one more day to protect the plants and then I will take them off for good because 80 and possibly 90 degree temperatures are in the forecast. Hopefully that will mean main vine growth of a foot a day starting in the next week


Anonymous said...

Jaime, Here is an update on the 3 seeds you mailed to me. (Jim in Henderson). 2 sprouted fine and vine length is about 2 feet. Hail damage pretty extensive but plants still alive. Thanks again and will keep you posted.


Jamie said...

Great to hear from you Jim. Sorry to hear about the hail damage (man have we seen some nasty hail this year) but those pumpkin plants are real resiliant. My plant got hit by hail twice last year ( but I still ended up with a 755 pound pumpkin. Just keep taking care of it and in two weeks you will hardly be able to tell it ever got hit as the new leaves start filling in the spaces. Thanks for the update. Love to hear how everyone's plant is doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie.

Chris from Toronto Canada.
I just wanted to say you have created a great resource here. I love the format, the pictures and your updates. It is the most enjoyable I have come across on the web.
I have two young girls 1 1/2 and 3. I thought they would get a kick out of growing a monster pumpkin. At this point any pumpkin would make us happy!
I purchased seeds "Howard Dills Atlantic Giants" About 12 seeds for $4. We ended up with one plant that is not doing too well. It was transplanted about 3 weeks ago and is only about 10" long and looks healthy although growing very slow. It has had 2 male flowers.... We are hoping this little guy takes off!

Since planting the seeds in May I have read everything on the web that I could find about pumpkin growing! I have gained a great deal of knowledge that will give us a better chance for next season!!

Now all I have to do is order some good seeds. Can you please tell me where I get these? I have found a few sites that sell them. Can you recommend one?

Also how can I get your blog updates on my e-mail?

Thanks again for a very enjoyable blog!

Cheers from the Great White North!

Jamie said...

Thanks for your comment. I lived in Toronto for two years. Great city. Most good growers are more than willing to share some great seeds (including myself). What I would suggest is contacting your local grower group. I'll email you the contact information.