Friday, July 3, 2009

Update from the Patch

Pollinated the 1566 at 10' with the 1385 Jutras today. I have another female that should open by Tuesday that I plan on pollinating with the 1385 as well. The main on the 1566 is growing slower now as the side vines become more numerous and longer so I gave the plant a very small amount of cotton seed meal yesterday to keep it moving along. Normally I wouldn't give nitrogen this close to pollination time but my nitrogen levels were a little low at the beginning of the season so I need to make sure they stay up.

The 1350's female at 11' will probably be pollinated tomorrow or Sunday. Another female will be appearing at 13' so I'll be pollinating that one probably Thursday of next week. I'll be pollinating the 1350 with the 1566 if I have a male available.

Lots of rain this year. I've only used the sprinklers three times to water the plant so far this year. Its like growing in Seattle. The plants seem to love it but it feels like every day there is the threat of hail. If the weather warms up a little and we don't get an early frost I suspect you will have to grow a 1,200 pounder in Colorado this year to win.

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