Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1161 Main Vine Finally Lays Down

The main for the 1161 Rodonis plant finally laid down today. The main is about 2.5 feet long but it had been hanging about an inch off the ground for days. Now things are going to really get fun. Lots of new side vine growth this week on both plants so the vines will start running like crazy over the next 6 weeks.

Vine burying is a lot of work but that is what I will be doing for the next 6 weeks. This isn't my favorite time of the season. It is fun watching the vines grow a foot a day but it can be time consuming hard work getting all of the vines buried so roots will come out of the leaf nodes but it is vitally important in growing a big pumpkin.

The 1161's main vine is a nice looking one. Might even turn out to be one of those big, beefy thick vines that I've seen on some plants. My 755 plant had relatively thin vines in 2008.

Gave the plants some compost tea today.

My hoop houses are looking pretty beat up these days. Small holes are starting to appear and the poles are all leaving opposite of the wind. Three 50+ mph wind storms and a snow storm can be brutal on a hoop house. Good thing I'll probably only need the hoop house two more weeks at the most.


Stan said...

Didn't know we had to bury the vines,but I guess I will pick up these tips as I muddle along.

Jamie said...

At each leaf node a root will come out of the top and the bottom of the vine if you bury the vines. That is partially what makes the pumpkins so big because a 700 sq foot plant will have a root system that is bigger than 700 sq feet. It is also good to bury the vines to help hold the plant down in the wind. Those big pumpkin leaves look like kits to the wind in a good breeze.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for my main vine to lay down, but when I was looking at it yesterday I noticed it was kinked! Was this due to human error planting it? How do I prevent, and corrected it? Thank You.A RMGVG lost north of arvada.

Jamie said...

The vines are not very strong and if a heavy wind comes along or if you try to move it by hand when it is cool out the vines can kink like that. I'll sometimes use bamboo shoots under the main when it is coming down to help support it a little. Some growers will also plant their plants on an angle to help the main be closer to the ground. If the main is damaged you may consider terminating it and turn a side vine into the new main.