Monday, July 19, 2010

Doc Says Its Angular Leaf Spot

Looks like my leaf problem is Angular Leaf Spot according to Dr. Matt DeBarrco. From everything I have read I have to concur with his diagnosis. There are a lot of things that look like what I have but the rate of deterioration and the look of the holes in the leaves it all seems to match. Most of the leaves I have lost on the 1161 were the leaves that were damaged in the hail storm. Angular leaf spot likes damaged leaves. Today I didn't seem as much new damage on the leaves as I have the previous days. I think the hail damaged and old leaves got taken out and the rest of the leaves that are healthy are holding on for now. I ordered good fungicide by the name of Phyton 27 today that I will hit the plants with when the weather cools down on Monday.

Growth on the 1236 was slower today but the 1161 hit a new personal best for one day growth putting on 6.5 inches today.

I gave both plants some compost tea with some fish & seaweed and a pinch of blood meal added this evening. Also gave both plants some worm castings from my worm bins. Vine growth has been a little slower than I would expect right now so the pinch of blood meal in the compost tea was to help push them along a little.

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