Friday, July 23, 2010

The Kids Pumpkin

I've failed to mention on the blog how the kids pumpkin plant is doing. It was hit in a big hail storm really bad a month ago but as of two weeks ago you would have hardly known it had happened unless you looked really close. The kids would have had a pumpkin set on the main vine three weeks ago but they lost three feet of the main in the storm and 90% of the leaves so the plant has been busy growing back. They now have two nice pumpkins on the plant. If the 2nd pollination (1129 Orleck x 1161 Rodonis) that was done on Monday takes then theywill go with it. the 1st pollination is growing very nicely and I love the semi-long shape these pumpkins have. I think this is a very good cross that should go heavy. The kids personal best is 85 pounds and I would be suprised if they don't have that beat within a month. 250 pounds for them this year might be a real possability.

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