Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Test with Biotamax

Last year I tried a new product called Biotamax. Yesterday I decided to do a little test with it on the lawn. Biotamax comes in a tablet form that is full of benefical fungi and bacteria know as soil probiotics. The trichoderma in biotamax can help control plant pathogens in the soil. Esentially they eat the bad stuff and help the plant grow.

My lawn has suffered from a fungus the last two years. Late last summer it appeared that I got it under control but the lawn has never looked very good. I've had soil tests done on the soil so I know the problem isn't nutrient related and there has been a number of mushrooms in the lawn so I believe a fungus is the culprit. After a good 24 hour rain I sprayed Biotamax on the grass to the left of the red pole. to the right I sprayed Spectracide Immunox Desease Control. In two weeks I'll be checking back in to see which part of the lawn is doing better.

Not a very scientific study but it will be interesting to see how a non-chemical fungus control might work.


Patrick said...

How'd the test go? I'm thinking about putting some Biotamax on my lawn and am curious if it helped yours out much.

Jamie said...

I had forgotten to follow-up on my origional post. The test was inconculsive. Didn't see any difference with either the Biotamax and the fungicide. I was talking with another local grower this week about Biotamax and some of the other biologicals we have been using this year and our early conclusion is that we haven't seen any obvious difference. However, the grower I was talking to had problems with fusarium the last two years (it took down his best plant in July of last year) and so far he hasn't seen any issues but we are still a little early for fusarium.

Patrick said...

Awesome, thx for the info.