Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fighting for Our Pumpkin Rights on NBC's The Marriage Ref

Every couple has their differences. In many ways it can be healthy. If this is your first time reading this blog then you may not know that I have a passion for growing big pumpkins (wife calls it an "obsession"). This sport is not easy. It takes, time, knowledge, time, effort, time and a little luck to grow a giant pumpkin. I spend about an hour a day in the pumpkin patch tending to my two plants. My beloved wife would tell you five.

This last fall we were given the opportunity to air our dirty laundry to a few million of our closest friends across America on NBC's The Marriage Ref. Our episode will be on the premier show airing on NBC on Sunday, June 26th. Check your local listings but in most areas The Marriage Ref will be on around 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening.

The show was a great experience for both the winner and the loser and we greatly look forward to the premier. I did my best to fight for gardeners and giant pumpkin growers everywhere who "spend to much time in the patch." Get real time Facebook comments during the show on my Facebook page at

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Anonymous said...

Tell your wife we read her article in The Hub, and it was really funny. You can also tell her that my wife blames you for my new found addiction.

Craig (Parker, Co)

Jamie said...

Glad you liked the article. It isn't an addition, its a passion!

Patrick said...

That's awesome, looking forward to the show!

Jamie said...

It was a lot of fun to do. Thanks!

Mattsmom said...

I am beyond excited to see you on the Marriage Ref! I have been following your blog since the very beginning, and Amber's blog for years before that! We have been planting big pumpkins for years, but I planted my first Dill's Atlantic this spring and it is doing well thus far!

My guess is that Amber wins, but that is because most people don't understand growing big pumpkins!

This blog is going to explode! haha! And I will be able to say "I knew you when".

Jamie said...

Thanks Mattsmom. Keep me updated on that pumpkin. I'm sure you will grow a big one. Although I'm sure some people can relate to the plight of Amber don't forget the magic and power of a giant pumpkin!

Rip Greens said...

Hello Jamie,

This is my 1st year growing Dill's Atlantic giant pumpkins. So far i have 8 pretty good pumpkins going with the biggest( Daisy) weighing 43.7 lbs. so far. I have been using the OTT measuring system to weigh Daisy daily. Is this big for this time of year?? I have a blog with daily measurements called Rip's First Attempt @ a Dills Giant Pumpkin. I think that you can find it with a Google search.

Growing these giants is a passion. I already have the bug. I am hoping for one of those 1000 pounders that the heavy hitters grow.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Rip Greens ( From maine)

Jamie said...

Hey Rip--size is all relative to your growing area, how many days the pumpkin has been on the vine and your own experience. Colorado and Maine are tougher areas to grow because of our shorter growing season and cooler nights. Right now my two pumpkins are over 300 pounds. One was pollinated on June 28th and the other one July 4th. The July 4th pumpkin is considerably smaller than the earlier pollinated pumpkin but it is also 6 days younger. But by the measurements it has been a faster grower right from the start and should catch the other pumpkin in the next three weeks if they both keep growing the same.

In the end, in this sport, the only person you can really compete against is yourself. Bigger and better every year.

If all of those pumpkins that you mention are all on the same plant you may consider taking it down to one choosen pumpkin. It will grow a lot bigger if the entire plant is feeding it.