Monday, July 11, 2011

Actinovate & Weeding the Pumpkin Patch

More rain in Denver today with more coming in the forcast. After the last rain storm I sprayed down the plants in Actinovate. Actinovate is is a biological fungicide that can kill fungus that grow on the leaves and in the soil. With all of the rain we have been getting that is more of concern now.

The rain has also brought on another type of invasion. The weeds have been out of control. I spent about 45 minutes pulling weeds this evening and I still haven't got them all.

The pumpkins and pumpkin plants have been growing like weeds too. The pumpkin on the 1204 plant is the biggest I've ever had at this point of the season and although too young to tell the 868 plant's pumpkin has been putting on some good gains too. I've got to get out and bury the vines however. Many of the vines have grown 4 feet in the last 6 days and I need to get them in the ground. If the patch isn't too muddy tomorrow morning I'll do that.

All of this rain has got me reconsidering how much I need to water the pumpkin plants. Even with the additional water I've been putting down this year I'm beginning to think I need to do more.


Patrick said...

Is there some place local that you buy Actinovate from, or do you buy it off of the internet somewhere?

Jamie said...

I don't recall where I got mine but I got it online.

Patrick said...

Awesome, thx!