Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foliar Metalosate Calcium for the Pumpkin Plant

For the last few months I've been looking high and low for a better form of calcium to put on the pumpkin plants. Ideally what I've been looking for was something that can be applied foliar, is organic, has a descent amout of calcium in it and didn't have a bunch of nitrogen, phosphurous or potassium in it. I think I finally found what I've been looking for with Metalosate Calcium.

What I like about Metalosate Calcium from what I have read is that it is organic, has less nitrogen in it than Nutri-Cal (only 2%) and has more calcium in it (18% calcium). The calcium it uses is an amino acid chealate that is supposed to be able to be absorbed via foliar application. More interesting is the claim that the metalosate calcium has the ability to move in the phloem of plants. The calcium ion in Metalosate Calcium is bonded to two amino acids, creating the Metalosate Calcium molecule. The plant is supposed to recognizes the molecule as a proteinaceous molecule allowing it to travel in the phloem instead of forcing it to use the xylem route which means it can move quickly and move into the fruit.

Some studies I have read sounded interesting. Foliar applications of Metalosate Calcium increased the calcium content in grapes by 400 ppm more than foliar applications of calcium nitrate. More calcium in a pumpkin potentially means a fruit that doesn't split open.

I gave the plants a small dose of Metalosate Calcium this evening. I guess at the end of the season we might find out if it is going to make any difference but it is worth a try.

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