Saturday, July 23, 2011

Growing Pumpkins this Time of Year is Fun

As I've mentioned before, June and July are a lot of work in pumpkin growing. The vines grow like crazy and it can be a little exhausting burying vines and taking care of the plants. I'm not sure how growers with more than 4 plants do it. Right now we are to the fun time. Most of the vines on both plants are terminated so you just get to watch the pumpkins grow and this time of the year they grow a lot.

Pictured to the right is the 1204 Scherber. Doesn't show well in this photo but it is starting to orange up. It is going to be a nice looking pumpkin I believe. Today I spent some time putting down some more sand for the pumpkin to grow on and positioning the pumpkin on the vine. As the pumpkin grows out it can start pressing against the main vine so about this time of the year you've got to get it positioned perpendicular to the main vine or else you run into problems when the pumpkin gets to big to move.

This morning I gave the plants some humic acid, calcium, magnesium, molasses and and a touch of alfalfa meal. This evening I will give it some fish & seaweed as a foliar application.

My kids plant has a pollination on it now. On Tuesday it was pollinated. It seems to have taken so hopefully this next week it will take off growing.


Patrick said...

Wow! Your pumpkin patch looks like a jungle!

Unknown said...

Kind of like a controlled jungle, but a jungle none the l\ess.