Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Personal Best for the 10 Day Measurement on the 868 Johnson

Today it has been 10 days since I pollinated the 868 Johnson (AKA Ricky) pumpkin plant. The 10 day mark is the day that you are usually clear from the pumpkin aborting. The measurement on this pumpkin was the biggest I've ever had before on a 10 day measurment. The plant is very impressive. I might have gotten everything I wanted by putting that 1544 Revier into my 1161 Rodonis last year. Another 72 days 21 hours and 11 minutes or so and we will know for sure.

Both plants are within 100 square feet of taking up all of their allotted space. By the end of next week I anticipate having all of the vines terminated except for the main vine on the 868 pumpkin plant.

The cocktail of fertilizers that I gave the plants yesterday seems to have done the trick. The leaves were back to a nice green color again even after more rain last night.

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