Monday, April 23, 2012

Pumpkin Names

I was recently asked what I am going to name my pumpkins this year.  My grandfather was a very good gardener.  He taught my dad a lot about growing and then he taught me.  Grandpa could grow carrots there were as thick as your wrist.  He passed a way a number of years ago so one of the pumpkins I want to name after him.  "Elbert."  That is about as good of a pumpkin name as I can think of.

The other pumpkin I'm going to name after my mother-in-law, Christine.  She has always been one of my top three biggest supporters when it comes to pumpkin growing so I thought I would name the other one after her.  It will be more than two months until we start growing pumpkins so all of this seems like a long ways away right now, but hopefully Christine or Elbert will do their namesakes proud.

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