Friday, May 18, 2012

Update from the Pumpkin Patch

This is kind of the boring time of the year.  When you first put your pumpkin plants in the ground they tend to grow kind of slow and there isn't a whole lot to talk about other than a new leaf or two appearing.  While the plants transition from the pot to their home in the soil it sometimes takes them a little while to wire in and get going.  About the first week of June is when they tend to take off again. All of my plants are vining now but the vines aren't on the ground yet.  I'm guessing that at about this time next week we may have the vines down.

Joe Scherber was good enough to come by and take a look at my plants late this morning.  Three of the seeds I'm growing came from him so I wanted his input to see what genetic characteristics are showing on each plant.  That information will help me as I make my decision in the next week or two as to which plants I want to go with.  As I've mentioned before I have two plants in each hoop house.  Unless something happens it looks like I'm going to go with the non-droopy 1451 Scherber in the one hoop house and the 1789 Wallace in the other hoop house.  That 1789 plant has really started to impress me.  Nothing seems to bother it and it is the fast grower of the four plants.

My kids put their 924 Johnson plant into it's hoop house today.  Personally I think it might be the best looking plant of all of our plants.  They always do a great job with their pumpkin plants.

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