Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Pictures

1451 Scherber Day 10 - 22 3/4 inches
The 1451 Scherber pumpkin is now ten days old and I would consider the fruit set.  This pumpkin is only a quarter of an inch from equaling my biggest 10 day measurement ever.  Doesn't mean much, but you would prefer to have it bigger rather than small.  I believe this pumpkin is going to end up a light orange color like it's papa with medium ribs.  The pumpkin as you can see is pretty round with just a touch of length to it like it's mom had.  Look at the stem on the pumpkin.  Big already.  I'm just hoping that this pumpkin can grow like either papa (1,725 pounds) or mama (1,451 pounds).

As you can see I kind of have the vine up in the air.  That is kind of by design.  I have the main vine in a V shape so as the pumpkin grows it won't grow into the vine and when I moved the vine to form the V it went up in the air like that.  I decided to leave it that way because it puts more slack in the vine and as the pumpkin grows up it will put less stress on the vine.

I've named this pumpkin Christine after my mother-in-law.  She has always been a big fan of my pumpkin growing and calls for regular updates, so I grow it in honor of her.  The 1789 pumpkin was going to be named Elbert after my grandfather who was an excellent gardener, but since that plant is no more that name will be saved for next year.


Anonymous said...


Do you have a preference with the stem direction? I see that your stem is growing upwards and was wondering if you felt that there was a difference if it were growing downwards and if so why.

Thank you


Jamie said...

This year I purposefully put the main vine a bit up in the air so I could get a little more slack in the vine. As the pumpkin grows up it is going to start pulling on the vine and lifting it. You have to make sure to cut the roots under the nearest leaves so it doesn't put to much stress on the vine and stem as the main lifts up. That little extra slack in the vine can save you some headaches in September by reducing the stress on the stem. However doing it the way I did it isn't absolutely necessary. By positing the vine properly in a V shape with the pumpkin at the point of the V you can get a lot of stress off of the stem and get the vine out of the way of the pumpkin. So either having the stem parallel or pointing up a little can both work. Does that answer you question?