Saturday, July 14, 2012

Richlawn, Vine Burying, Riping Vines Out & CalCarb

As the title states these three things pretty much sums up my day.  In honor of The Biz I gave the 1451 plant about 1/8 cup of granular Organic Richlawn along with some humic acid today.  Also gave the plant some CalCarb with a tablespoon of seaweed mixed in.  A good portion of the day was spent burying vines and pulling weeds because I was out of town for the better part of the week and the vines had grown 3-5 feet while I was gone.

Below is a picture of the 1451 pumpkin plant.  Under the chair is the pumpkin.  On Monday it will be 10 days old and I'll post of picture of it then.  Below that is a picture of the 1789 plant yesterday.  I pulled it out today.  Yellow vine disease got the best of it.  Growth had completely stopped on the plant and all of the young leaves turned yellow/green shortly after that.

1451 Scherber Giant Pumpkin Plant
Yellow Vine Disease on 1789


Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson

I've really enjoyed and appreciate your blog. I'm a first year grower and am a sponge for any information I can get my hands on. My pumpkin is coming on strong and has been pollinated for 12 days. The pumpkin is coming on strong and I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures to see where I'm at.

I've only experienced two problems so far, some pumpkin sunburn and some UV leaf damage. Neither seem to be slowing the pumpkin down. But then again since this is my first one it may not be speeding things up either.

Thank you again



Jamie said...

Thanks for the comment Jim. I have a chair over the pumpkin (like you can see in the picture) and a piece of cloth on the pumpkin to help keep the pumpkin from getting burned. As the pumpkin grows you want the skin to be soft and flexible so it can stretch and grow as the pumpkin grows so keeping the skin from burning is important. Some leaf burn is going to happen on hot days particularly on young leaves. If you can mist the pumpkin during the heat of the day with a sprinkler or a hose the leaf burn will be reduced and you'll have better leaves later on in the season to power the pumpkins growth. I'm going to do another post in just a little bit about pumpkin size so watch for that post.