Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Checking the Stump on Your Pumpkin Plant

Around this point of the season you need to start checking the stump of your pumpkin for soft spots, ooze and overly wet spots.  Around this time of the year the stump can start rotting.  Usually a little sulfur powder and 10% solution of bleach can clear up any bad spots that you find.  About three weeks ago I covered my stump with a clear piece of plastic (a mini green house cover is what I use) to help keep it dry.  However, I did find a small soft spot about 8 inches from the stump last week which is cleared up now.   If you do find a bad spot on the stump getting it dry is super important but keeping the stump dry seems to go a long ways in keeping bad spots from forming.  If you do cover the stump you should hand water the stump area from time to time so the ground around the stump doesn't dry out and start to crack.

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