Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kids Pumpkin Plants are in the Ground and Benefical Nematodes

Finally got my son and daughter's pumpkin plants in the ground this evening.  They should have been planted a week ago but my schedule hasn't allowed me time to help them do it.  My son is growing a 335 Scherber (1421 Stelts x 1161 Rodonis).  Both mom and pop were clone plants in the 335 cross so the 1421 grow a 1663 pound pumpkin and the 1161 grew a 1725 pound pumpkin that tied the world record for a day until a larger pumpkin went to the scale shortly after.  I like the cross and would like to pollinate it with a clone of the world record 2009 pumpkin.

My daughter planted a 1799 Daletas (1495 Stelts x 1409 Miller).  I saw the pumpkin and spoke to Steve Daletas about it last fall and knew my daughter would love the orange color of the mother.  It is a beautiful plant.  Dark green color and big leaves.  If it has a flaw it is the leaves droop badly in the sun because they are so big.  I'm hoping it is hardened off enough to take some sun over the next week.  Cooler days ahead which will help.

Today I sprayed the whole pumpkin patch with beneficial nematodes, Biotamax and Azos.  The beneficial nematodes seek out insects and insect larva in the soil and kill them.  A nice little benefit.  Biotamax I've talked about many times before, but it is mostly beneficial bacteria and trichoderma.  The Azos is a nitrogen fixing bacteria.  The soil has to be warm to get it going and we've had some upper 80 degree days and the soil is plenty warm now.  The rye grass should like all of this new biology.  It is growing very quickly.  I'm going to need to mow it in the next two weeks.

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