Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weeds in the Pumpkin Patch

Its that time of the year.  The time where the weeds start popping up like, well, weeds.  Now is the time to start getting them out of the pumpkin patch while they are small and their root systems aren't well established.  Once most weeks get to any size they can become very difficult to pull and even harder to get rid off.  My preferred method, when the weeds are less than three inches high is a weed cutter.  They do a good job of cutting the weeds off at the roots when the weeds are small and most won't come back.  You can relatively quickly get a relatively large area in 15 minutes.  A weed cutter simply has a hoe type handle with a metal loop on the end that you pull back and forth through the soil, cutting the roots a couple of inches down.  Most of the weeds fully are uprooted using this system and it is nearly as good as pulling the weeds by hand, but a lot faster.

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