Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Naming Your Pumpkin

It's crazy I know, but every year I name my pumpkins.   I think it is kind of a fun thing to do and it gives a little personality to the pumpkins.  My past pumpkins:
  • DillBoy - 755lbs
  • HailBoy - RIP - tornado took this one at at about 35lbs
  • RedemptionBoy and LarryBoy - 868lbs and 820lbs
  • Ricky and Jerry - Jerry was about 550lbs went it went down due to rot.  Ricky was 924lbs and a beautiful pumpkin.  Should have gone over 1,000 pounds but slowed way down due to a split.
  • Christine - 837lbs.  Too hot that year to grow much of anything.
This years pumpkin will be named, drum roll please:  Elbert and Stanley.

My grandpa was named Elbert and a world class gardner.  I've seen carrots that came out of his garden that were as big around as your wrist.  In honor of him I'm going to name one of the pumpkins after him.  Elbert is also the name of the highest mountain in Colorado.  A great 14er which I climbed a few years back.  So maybe this pumpkin can become Mt. Elbert.

Stanley is the name of my father-in-law and also the name of my oldest and one of my best of friends.  Also seems like a good name for a pumpkin.  So hopefully Elbert and Stanley can get me over that 1,000 pound mark this year.  I'm feeling good about where I'm at right now.  The weather has been fairly good, the plants seem happy and my soil and setup I think is the best I've had since I started growing in this patch.  Time will tell.  Pray for a big pumpkin for me.

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