Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pollinated the 1421 Stelts Today at 12 Feet

Today I pollinated the 1421 female that is at 12 feet out on the main vine with the 220 Debacco.  The 220 Debacco is an interesting plant.  Matt Debacco took a cutting of the world record plant grown from the 1725 Harp seed and "cloned" it, growing it in a greenhouse during the winter.  That winter he also grew a seed from the 2009 world record pumpkin and then crossed the two together and got a 220 pound pumpkin, from which my pollinator plant came from.  Growing and pollinating a plant during the winter is not an easy thing to do so kudos to Matt for pulling it off.  The plant that the pollen came from looks 90% 1725 in its traits and very little if any 1409 Miller in it which is probably a good thing. 

Weather in Denver will be 90 today which isn't too bad.  I have the female shaded and gave the plant a little extra water this morning.  However the next three days will be 95-100 degrees.  If a plant is stressed it will abort the pumpkin so we have to pray over the next few days that this pollination will take. We will know that for sure in about 10 days.

This female is an almost perfect specimen.  There are 4 lobes, which is what I prefer and they are decently formed and the female is positioned very nicely on the vine.  Now we just need her to grow big!  If this pollination takes it will probably be my keeper pumpkin and I'll name it Stanley.

This evening I gave the plants a mixture of Metalosate Calcium, humic acid and Lithovit.

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