Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pumpkin Roots

As I've mentioned before, it is easy to get excited in the early part of the season about the salad part of the pumpkin plant, but really roots are the most important things you can grow for the first month of the season.  Nitrogen will make the vines grow but without a healthy root system you will never get a big pumpkin.  That is why I use myko and azos on my plants, to help build the root system.  When walking through the patch this evening I noticed little pumpkin roots popping through the soil about 12-15 feet from the stump.  I shot some video of them in case you wanted to see.  Try playing the video full size for the best view.

This evening I sprayed Nourish-L onto the ground under the leaf canopy.  I figure that while those roots were popping out I had an opportunity to get some myko and beneficial bacteria onto them.  I also sparyed for bugs on both plants.


others said...

the 1421 you got me is doing the same thing thousands of white roots even out as far as 3 ft from the plant itself

Jamie said...

Glad to hear it. That should help the pumpkin grow!