Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking A Risk to Get Rewards

There is an old saying in pumpkin growing, "If you ain't blowing them then you aren't growing them."  Basically meaning that if you aren't pushing the pumpkins hard enough to get them to their maximum potential and potentially ripping them at the seams then you aren't trying hard enough.  There is also an almost equally as old saying that says, "If you are blowing them then you aren't showing them."  Meaning if you blow your pumpkins up then then you aren't taking them to the weigh-off.

Today I took a bit of a risk.  I've got too much nitrogen in the soil on the 1775 side of the patch so I decided to try to flush some of that nitrogen out by over watering that side of the patch.  At about 11:30 this morning I watered the patch for an additional 50 minutes after watering for the usual 12 minutes this morning. 

It was about 95 degrees in Denver today and the pumpkin is just about to go into its rapid growth stage so I figured this might be my last chance to do this so I took the chance.  If the pumpkin stays together and I can get some of the nitrogen out of the soil then I'll be in better shape.  This isn't something that is advisable however.

This even I gave both plants some compost tea and a foliar application of multimineral with humic acid.

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