Saturday, August 3, 2013

Roller Coaster Pumpkin Growth

No pictures of the pumpkin this week.  The RMGVG patch tour is a week from today so come on by and you can see my pumpkins for yourself.  For those of you who can't make the patch tour I'll try to shoot a video of the pumpkin patch and post it next Saturday.

Growth on Stanley has been up and down and back up again.  I think it is either bad measurements (this pumpkin isn't easy to measure) or weather.  I talked with Pete and he saw the same thing as me  the last four days.  Up and then down for two days and then back up again.  Growth on the good days has been very good.

Growth on Elbert has been consistent but not very fast.  I'm hoping it will be a long grower because I'm not seeing big daily gains.


Anonymous said...

What is the normal growth per day?

Jamie said...

That is a good question. Normal is relative of course. There tends to be a growth curve for growth where the first 21 days growth tends to be relatively slow. From around day 22 to 32 the pumpkin tends to take off. 30 to 40 pounds per day would be considered very good for a competitive giant pumpkin. Around day 50 growth starts to slowly taper off until around day 85 the growth typically is just around 5 to 8 pounds per day.