Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Biology & A Touch of NPK for the Pumpkin Plant

This evening I gave both plants some compost tea with Photsynthesis Plus, Big Bloom, Actinovate, molasses and Azos in it.  This was sprayed on the ground.  I then gave the 1421 plant about 1 1/2 ounces of fish & seaweed.  I would have given it more but there is potential for big rain in the next 24 hours and I don't want a sudden spurt in growth.

Just as the good doctor predicted, slowed growth on the pumpkin has shown a bit up extra growth on the side vines after the pumpkin.  I gave them an extra spray of fish & seaweed to encourage the growth.


Anonymous said...

Down in Lakewood we had big hard rain for about 7 hours last night. I hope it holds together with that big flux of moisture.

Jamie said...

Hey Erik -- we had a long, semi-light rain for a couple of hours but maybe only a 1/3 inch of rain here so it wasn't too bad. I'm wishing for warmer weather however.