Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1,317 Pound Pumpkin!

The estimated weight on the 1421 pumpkin this morning put me over the Colorado state record mark of 1,308 pounds set by Barry Todd two years ago.  Right now the pumpkin estimates at 1,317 pounds and it is still growing 12-14 pounds a day with 23 days still to grow.  If the pumpkin continues to grow (that is a big if because the pumpkin does have a split in it) based on the current growth rate and weather I think this pumpkin will get close to the 1,500 pound mark.  I don't mind making public guesstimates about the pumpkin right now because the pumpkin isn't going to be legal for competition because of the split. I think there might be one other pumpkin out there right now that could end up bigger as well so we are hoping that grower the best.  Right now I'm just hoping to get this pumpkin to the scale and as big as it can be.

The leaves on this plant are still in excellent shape for September.  Probably the best looking leaves I've ever had this late in the game.  This plant just wants to grow.


Patrick said...

Wow, nice job!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks. Let's hope the scale says "nice job!" Lol

Patrick said...

Haha, I bet you it will. That pumpkin is huge, and the walls look really thick!