Sunday, March 2, 2014

Four Seasons Resort in Maui Giant Pumpkin Growing - Five Star Pumpkins

This last week I had a wonderful time with my family in Maui.  While there I met one of the grounds keeps for the Four Seasons Resort.  The Four Seasons is Maui's only five star resort and a beautiful property.  We of course started talking about giant pumpkins during the conversation and he is going to try growing a giant on the property.  I'll be sending him seeds soon.  I think it will be something that guests really will enjoy.  Who knows.  Maybe the resort will get a six star rating now.

While looking at all of the lush vegetation and rich volcanic soil in Maui I couldn't help but think often how will pumpkin growing could do here.  82-86 degree days with lows around 70-72 and relatively high humidity you think would be a good climate for pumpkin growing.  The daytime highs might be a little low but the night time temps are definitely better than Denver's.  The area around the Four Seasons is relatively dry with only about 14 inches of rain per year so it will be interesting to see how this little experiment turns out.

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