Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Sunbathers; 2014 Pumpkin Plants

Today is going to be a beautiful day in Denver, with highs around 80 degrees.  I've put the pumpkin plants (pictured below) into the sun for the first time this morning so that they could start getting used to it's intensity.  Pictured below are the plants from top left to bottom:  1220 Johnson, 335 Scherber, 1791 Holland, 1317 Clements, 335 Scherber, 335 Scherber, 1220 Johnson and 695 Johnson.  Not pictured are the 228 Scherber and a second 1317 Clements.  Those three seeds are just popping through the soil now.  Every seed ended up germinating. Some were just real slow this year for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what you think happened to my 1220.5 Johnson seeds as I do the process for planting exactly how I am suppose to and they have not yet sprouted? I am so sad as I looked forward to a great pumpkin season.

Jamie said...

Tell me what you did to start your seeds? Sometimes you have to give them some time. I had two seeds this year that took 4 1/2 days. That is slow when you are using the paper towel method.

The following is a link to the seed starting technique that I use: http://denverpumpkins.com/2011/04/let-pumpkin-season-begin.html

If you need more seeds let me know.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what happened to my seeds as I did use the paper towel method and nothing happened. I started them on April 13th and finally tonight I did something I was scared to do, I popped them open and there was nothing happening, they also was a grayish color. I was very successful last year as my grandson and I had six seeds we got from 4H and grew a 592 lb pumpkin and a 403 lb pumpkin. So we were looking forward to trying again this year with seeds we bought from you. Please advice me as what to do as soon it will be too late. Thank you. Christine Erdman.