Friday, May 30, 2014

1791 Growing Like a Weed

By tomorrow the 1791 plant's main vine will be at the end of the hoop house.  Looking back at last year that is about 5 days ahead of last year's plants.  A good problem to have but it can cause some problems.  We get heavy winds here in Denver this time of year and with the hoop house it isn't a problem.  But when the plants get out of the hoop house they have little to no protection.  One year I removed the hoop house a little too early and the next day there was strong winds.  The plant survived of course but was a little beaten up after it all.

The 1791 plant has developed some big leaves.  It is going to be a very different plant from the 335.  The 335 has shorter stalks and the leaves are smaller.  The big leaves look impressive but they tend to fall over later in the season and can be a little harder to manage.

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