Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pumpkin Plants are in the Ground

Today I planted two 335 Scherbers into one hoop house and then a 1791 Holland and 1220 Johnson into the other hoop house.  I'm very pleased with where these plants are at right now.  Some nice growth and very good root systems on all four plants.

Into each planting hole I put some Azos, mykos and humic acid. After planting I watered the plants with some liquid seaweed, Actinovate and Microbe Mydroponics' Foliar Spay & Root Dip.  The Microbe Mydroponics product has a bunch of beneficial bacteria and fungi, including Bacillus, Rhodopsedomonas and a wide variety of mykos species.

335 Scherber and 335 Scherber

1220 Johnson left / 1791 Holland right

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