Sunday, May 17, 2015

NEW! Pumpkin Fertilizers Now Available

I've mentioned before that not all fertilizers are created equal.  I've tested a lot of different fertilizers over the years and have wanted to bring a world-class product line of fertilizers to the pumpkin growing community.  They are now available!  In the top menu of this blog you can now access the full line of NPK Industries RAW fertilizers and biostimulants directly from The Pumpkin Man.  These fertilizers are the purest, most cutting edge and best you can give to your garden.  A little of them goes a long ways.  One 2 oz package can make up to 200 gallons of product, so they are a great value.  Not only that, I offer them at the lowest prices you can find on the web with super low shipping.  I want to help you grow big this year!   Use discount code 'pumpkin' during checkout and get an extra 10% off the already everyday low prices.  More product coming soon!

Want to know why these fertilizers are the best and how to use them optimally.  Listen directly from the scientist:

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