Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Urban Farm Co. in Boulder / Denver

Let me give a shout out to the Urban Farm Co based in Boulder and covering all of metro Denver.  If you want a great garden but don't have a lot of time, these are the guys to call.

My wife was asked to do an article for them and unbenounced to me had arranged for them to setup a planter box and soil for the garden.  I'll have to admit and it may be a surprise, I don't spend a lot of time in the garden.  Would rather spend it in the pumpkin patch.  When Amber told me what was going on, I felt my toes were being stepped on more than a little bit however.  I wasn't going to have some no nothing guy with a few bags of worthless "garden soil" with chunks of wood in it set up my garden!

To my surprise, my experience with Bryant was exactly the opposite of what I expected.  He was my equal and very knowledgeable.  He pretty much setup the garden exactly the way I would have done it.  I think we talked soils and soil testing for over an hour, bouncing ideas off of each other.  The special blend of soil he put into my garden looks to be close to ideal and he spent the time showing my wife and kids just what to do.

If you need a garden setup or consulting on how to improve your existing garden, visit them at and tell them The Pumpkin Man sent you.


Unknown said...

IT was a pumpkin geek match made in heaven. Couldn't believe how knowledgeable you both were!

Unknown said...
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