Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Cocktail of RAW OminA, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid & Calcium for Plant Calcium Uptake

This morning I did a drench of  RAW OminA (learn more), fulvic acid (learn more), humic acid (learn more) and calcium on both plants.  Like I mentioned before, there was some research that suggested that a pumpkin takes in more calcium (read here) just before and just after pollination.  That is a good thing, so in following that theory I gave both of the pumpkin plants a mixture of chelators and aminos that will help make the calcium in the soil more available.  Those items will actually grab the calcium that is bound up in the soil like a claw so the plant can take it up. 

Not only will calcium be made more available but other nutrients in the soil will also become more available.

Don't give the plant too much OminA at this time.  It is a nitrogen source and you don't want to give the plant much nitrogen at pollination.  Just a small application should be enough to open up calcium ion channels in the plant's roots to get the desired effect.

I'm guessing right now that I'll be pollinating the 1985 female flower on Sunday or Monday.  The 282 female flower will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday.

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