Monday, June 1, 2015

And Then there Were Two

I hated to do it, but it had to be done.  I pulled the 1415 plant in favor of the 282 plant.  The 1415 was getting very close to the end of the hoop house.  Even had a flower on it open today. But since that main vine dented I couldn't go with it.  The 282 plant is 5-6 days behind it and it hasn't ever had good color.  It is growing well however, so I hope that once it gets wired up that it will turn into a better looking plant.  I hate playing catchup however.

Looking at pictures from my 1421 plant from 2013 on this same date, I'm doing okay.  The 282 is maybe a foot shorter than it on this same date.

The 1985 plant so far looks like a champ.  Not overly aggressive, but not a slow grower either.  Still growing 6+ inches a day right now so it is on target.  It will probably be out of the hoop house by the end of this week at its current growth rate.  I'm liking having these bigger hoop houses this year.

1985 Miller

282 Scherber

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