Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beneficial Bacteria & Fungi for Greater Pumpkin Growth

Last night I put down a healthy dose of Biotamax and NPK's Grow to apply beneficial bacteria and fungi for the pumpkin plant roots.   These were sprayed across the pumpkin patch and under the leaf canopy.   As I mentioned previously, I've also been putting down NPK Grow at each leaf node as I'm burying the vines.   This beneficial bateria and fungi will help to feed and protect the plants from pathogens in the soil.  Not only that, but some will give growth promoting hormones to the plants for healthier and larger root systems.

In one teaspoon of soil there is more microbes than all of the people on the earth.  Most plants couldn't live with them.  By giving more of the "good guys" to the soil it can help block out the bad guys and make the pumpkin plants thrive.  Happy plants often means bigger pumpkins, so these applications will help the plant as the season goes on.

Later in the season, I'll apply cane molasses to the soil to continue help build the beneficial bacteria in the soil.  Plants tend to get stingy later in the season giving back to the bacteria and fungi nutrients that they need.  By adding the can molasses in August it will give a food source to build the microbes in the soil and keep them feeding the plant.

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Dear Jamie, where can I buy these microbes and where do you buy your seeds from. You can email me at