Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fertilizing the Pumpkin Plants

After being gone for 10 days, yesterday I gave the pumpkin plants a relatively heavy dose of potassium, fulvic acid, B Vitamins, Omina (a nitrogen source) and seaweed along with some beneficial microbes (NPK Bloom).   I usually don't prefer to give a larger amount of fertilizers at once, but since I wasn't around to give smaller doses, I wanted to play a little catch up.  The two early pollinations are at their rapid growth stage, so I want to make sure the nutrients they need are in place.

Today I did a foliar application of Metosolate Multi-mineral.   It has all of the basic minerals in a chelated form, which allows it to be more easily absorbed into the leaf.   I put in a little Cal Carb with it.   The forecast is for 97 degrees over the next few days.  It was supposed to get that warm today and it did, but it clouded up right after that and dropped down to about 90 degrees.

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