Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pumpkin Pics & About 2 Weeks Too Late To Control Powdery Mildew

Typically around the end of July I start spraying Actinovate on the pumpkin leaves to help control powdery mildew before it happens.  This year I was out of town the last week and found that the 747 plant has spots on them.  Actinovate works well to help powedery mildew from coming on if applied before it starts, but don't do anything to get rid of it.   So I am about two weeks two late.

Nonetheless, I sprayed all of the plants with Actinovate today to help it from coming on and slow down what I have.   Actinovate is interesting because it is a natural way to control powdery mildew and other diseases naturally.  It is also the only thing of its kind that I know of that works on the leaves and the soil.

These are the latest pics from the patch.  The 1685 is turning into a satellite dish (kind of a surprise) and the 747 keeps chugging along.  The 1685 is doing about 18 pounds a day right now and the 747 is around 16 pounds a day.

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