Thursday, August 17, 2017

More Compost Tea for the Pumpkin Plants

I gave both plants more compost tea today.  I wish I had put down more compost tea early in the season.  Since this is a new patch, it could have used it to build up the biology.   Usually when the plants in the hoop houses most of the watering I do is with compost tea.   This year I almost did none.  One challenge with giant pumpkin growing is time and this year I haven't had it.  The new house has demanded a lot of time.  I don't even have my watering system in the patches.  Both plants are watered by a single impact sprinkler that I move around from time to time.  The little details add up to hundreds of pounds.  I knew that this year was going to be a re-learning year, so hopefully I can put in some more time next year.  

I high tunnel is in the works for next year, so it might not be the year either.  Will depend on when that comes together.

Today's compost tea brew was a short brew.  I added in some beneficial bacteria and fungi into the brew to help beef it up.  Along with that I added cane molasses, alfalfa, compost, silica, humic acid and kelp.

That was poured over the leaves and around the stump and main vine on both plants.  It should help protect and feed the plant.

What I've been doing seems to have slowed down the powdery mildew.   That first week of August it hit hard and fast.   It doesn't seem to have progressed a lot since, but if we get a cold spell there could be trouble.

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