Monday, August 21, 2017

RAW Bloom 3-12-12 for the Pumpkin Plants

An ideal, everyday fertilizer, in very small quantities for a pumpkin plant, depending on the time of year, would be something like 10-5-10.   Lower phosphorous because it can build in the soil relatively quickly, but also to keep things like myco happy. 

However, there are times I believe, later in the season you can go a little higher.   This evening I gave the plants a small foliar application of 3-12-12 with some seaweed, humic acid and yucca in it.  Like I mentioned previously, my last month of growing typically has not seen the weight gains that I think I should have got.  This year I'm going to do a little more fertilizer for the last 30 days and see what that yields.  This means feeding 5 times a week with small quantities to keep the plants going.  Most of this will be applied to the soil. 

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