Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Some Nitrogen for the Pumkin Plants to Push the Vines

My soil test showed relatively low amounts of nitrogen in early spring so I asked the soil scientist if I should add the recommended amount at that time or some now and some later.  He suggested the latter, which makes good sense to me.  So I added about 60% of it when I did my initial patch prep and been adding small amount since.  This morning I did a mixture of 24-0-0 and 6-2-0 with iron.   The 24-0-0 will be relatively fast acting because it is ammonium sulfate, while the 6-2-0 is more of a slower release nitrogen which is a nice balance.

Last night I finally hooked up my Daan micro sprinkler lines in the 2145 patch and will be turning them on for the first time this morning.  Those lines are hooked up to the fertigation line which will allow me to mix fertilizer right into the irrigation for a fairly uniform application of both water and spoon fed fertilizer.   If everything works properly it should be ideal.  I still need to get the hot water heater hooked up completely but that is next and it will be something of a game changer I believe.  Problem is I'm about 2-3 weeks behind on everything this year and when you run behind it is nearly impossible to make it up.  Next year will be interesting however because I can concentrate on growing rather than on all the side stuff.

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