Thursday, July 12, 2018

TKO for the Pumpkins to Ramp them Up

Three days ago I gave the plants a little potassium and this morning I gave the plants some TKO.   TKO is basically a unique phosphite/potassium fertilizer that can easily be taken up by the plant.  Most of this application was on the soil.   Over the next two weeks potassium and phosphorous usage of the plants will be higher.  Especially the 1974 pumpkin since it will be 28 days old on Monday so it is just now coming into the peak growing phase.   A good pumpkin will put on 40-50 pounds a day from about 26-40 days old if you have a good one.  Early signs don't look like this one is going to crank, but even at 25 pounds a day (which is what I peaked around last year) there is a lot of potassium uptake from the soil and the available potassium in the rhizosphere around the root hair can deplete in just 4 days.  So this TKO application should help make sure the plant has what it needs to grow a giant pumpkin.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jamie its Cody Ford again...quick pumpkin is 12 days old today. Its been consistently growing 2 1/4- 2 1/2 inches every 24 its 25 1/4 inch that about right??